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Our company’s vision is to improve the quality and effectiveness of all charities and non-profits direct mail marketing campaigns through new and unique concepts.


Charities traditionally have reached out a couple of times per year to their existing databases and solicited donations through their traditional means and methods.


Through our community will be able to find the most compelling, entertaining and relevant content on thousands of worthy causes. People and professionals will be able to share their stories and ideas with a global audience. Charitable organizations will benefit by being able to access a wide consumer audience passionate about the work that charities do on a daily basis.


The vision of our company is to create an opportunity for every single charity and non-profit organization to get their message out in a fantastic and touching way. Today the internet has created the voice in which a wider group of people can be brought together for the benefit of all of humanity. Inc. was created to be the most prominent social networking site and media company for consumers, charities and businesses to connect to a global audience. The primary objective will be promoting the interests of all charitable and non-profit organizations.


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