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The Charity Gala Brand will increase exposure, sponsorship and revenue for all our charitable and non-profit partners while maintaining their integrity to their messaging and the important work that they do.

Charity Gala is committed to helping charitable organizations reduce their operating costs by being able to offer significant business discounts from some of Canada’s leading corporate brands. The management of Charity Gala has developed some of the leading consumer loyalty programs for some of the largest union groups in Canada. In leveraging the already existing relationships Charity Gala’s team has built up over years we have been able to negotiate significant business discounts for our clients.

Charities for years have relied solely on their very loyal databases to help fund ongoing operations and community programs that are essential cornerstones of our society’s neighborhoods. Now how about being able to offer that very database a loyalty program that rewards their support for all those years and give back substantial discounts that make what they donate to your organization seem like a very little and insignificant amount.


Charity Gala Rewards takes all the effort and good will that charitable organizations have built up over decades and now make everything easier and more rewarding for your loyal supporters.


It’s a new program offering charities:

  • Improved penetration for fund-raising campaigns

  • Significant cost reductions on program implementation

  • A loyalty benefits program and

  • Valuable connections to sponsor partners offering preferred pricing on essential services like business supplies, event venues and insurance.




Charity Gala makes a charity’s world easier … in all the ways that matter.


Better results. Lower costs. Less work.


It is a simple process.  The organization leverages the Charity Gala’s team’s expertise in marketing, production and distribution.


We produce great customized content that enhances what the charity is already doing.  Then we lower distribution and administration costs. And… we provide access to additional sources of revenue.


A win-win service that has a very positive effect on the charity’s bottom line.

Charity Gala Magazine, a unique and effective fundraising initiative. The Charity Gala Magazine product replaces direct mail and current internet marketing campaigns for charities and the high costs and low returns of such efforts.

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